Because It’s Popular Doesn’t Mean It’s Good

The difference between the artist and the entertainer is that the artist creates out of selfish reasons: the self wants to come out. Whereas the entertainer, creates its medium solely for the purpose of its audience. Now selfishness is not always a bad thing. Taking care of one’s mental health by creating art actually heals the mind and it might help put things into perspective for other folks too. It’s a win win situation if done right.

Recently, I noticed that creators become sensitive when their works don’t receive the praise it should. It’s only natural to defend your creation because it’s like a baby that you bring into the world. If you think about it, the baby (creation) grows into an adult. The creator is the parent, so it wants the baby to reach perfection. It’s a parent’s pride to pass on his/her legacy. So naturally the baby becomes better overtime with the parent’s guidance. This is the curse of an an artist (read A Hunger’s Artist by Kafka). Constructive criticism is not meant to deflate one’s ego but to improve. I say this because I met many people who can’t handle criticism and therefore I’ve been called mean when in truth, I just have a keen eye for art.

So I will tell you a little story. When I was little, I was fascinated (still am) with the afterlife. I was obsessed and at the same time terrified of ghosts. I remember my first drawing was at age 4, and they were drawings of ghosts. I was so proud of my drawing that I went up to my siblings on one lazy summer afternoon, and I showed it off to them. I was a very confident child. A couple years later when I can distinguish shapes and sizes, I returned to my old drawings and realized what I drew was just scribbles. My confidence in my ability as an artist started to plummet once I was aware that what I create today might not be good at all. Creative people like to sabotage their own works. Real creators care less about praises, but more about how they can improve. It really is a curse.

It takes a lot of courage to show your creation to the world. So I must applaud to brave creative people out there who put their hearts and sweat into bringing something to life. The world will judge your creation surely. Some people would like it and some won’t, but what’s most important, is that your creation will connect with someone and bring them comfort. So taking that risk, is truly worth it. And that includes creating video game for art sake.

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