Beach House Concert: The Silent Feminine Strength

Listening to the Beach House live is like listening to a lullaby. They are known for their dreamy alternative/pop like sound. I had the opportunity to see them performed live at the Moore Theatre located in Seattle on May 9th, 2019. I bought the ticket a week before the show. It was so worth it!

Moore Theatre (2)

Upon my arrival, I met two female school teachers who traveled from Estoria, Oregon. It took them about three hours to get to Seattle. We chit chat a little about our excitement for the show. One of the school teachers is around middle-age. She has a friendly, motherly grace to her. The other is a modest young female grad student, who teaches art part-time to children. I guess “good” girls always show up early. We were the first in line. The good girls also have a soft spot for homeless people too! I don’t think they were used to seeing panhandlers and homeless people. Seattle is known for that. I can see their sympathetic eyes as they hurriedly open their wallets and seemingly gave all the changes they had. One of the older gal said: “We will help you,” when the beggar kept repeating himself that he needed $7.50 to buy himself a meal. A normal Seattlite would just ignore. In fact, the security guard actually motioned his hand and shooed the beggar away.

The security guard told me to smile a little because I had a serious look. It’s hard for me to smile when it’s not uncommon to see so many mentally ill, homeless people begging for money or food. Sometimes they would scream and slap their own face. Sometimes they dropped right in front of me and cry. Sometimes they asked if I have any change. One time a man asked me to go to the ATM to withdraw cash when I told him I don’t carry cash. The most recent one was a guy who stopped in front of me and said he works for Big Black Dick. I kept walking, ignoring him, but I can still hear him talking about having sex. My anxiety does spike up occasionally. City life is not that glamorous and exciting. Listening to Beach House has a way of comforting me when I feel pathetically weak. Their music is soothing like the sound of rain drops tapping on the window pane.

I sat on the 2nd balcony which is the general admission area. I attended the concert by myself but later was accompanied by another introvert—a mom of 4 kids who is pursuing a Master Degree in Education. She came alone as well. She would tell me how she attended concerts alone quite frequently. I think she was lonely and lonely souls are bound to meet one another. She asked me what I do. Why am I by myself? Do I have friends? Do I get lonely? I laughed. Seattle is the city of introverts. Loneliness is something you just get used to. We quietly let each other know that it was rude to talk during the show. We smiled and turned our eyes towards the stage.

20190509_Beach House Concert

Back to reality, she said after the show was over. I told her to keep listening to them on her way back home. She smiled and said it was not by chance we met. My heart felt warm when she told me that. I thought I would spend the evening alone, but the Universe is mysteriously kind. On an occasion like this, it feels magical just meeting random people. Music brings like-minded people together unexpectedly.

I really enjoyed the Beach House. I can sit and listen to them for hours and watch the stage light changing color. I feel calm and relaxed. Beach House music is strong, and gentle. It’s a quiet strength. I felt recharged after listening to their live performance.


If you are having trouble sleeping. I highly recommend this song. Close your eyes and all your stress will melt away.

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