No It’s Not You, Most Modern Day Games Are Blah…but Some Are Decent. Don’t Lose Hope!

Every time I make a comment about games–someone deleted their blog. I didn’t know I have so much power. I feel bad that is why I am writing this post. I hate to see a passionate gamer lose interest in gaming to the point he has to delete his blog. Trust me, you are not alone.

Let’s get this straight. I am not young. I’m a 90s kid. Partially being an “old lady” with life responsibilities and the stress that comes with it, my interest in games have decreased drastically. Like many gamers, I struggle to enjoy games. I even try to cling onto the very hope that I will get to play a game that will make me smile again like the smile of a newborn babe that just crawled out the crib from Parasite Eve. But I just don’t have that energy and time to enjoy the hobby as much as I used to.

Work completely wiped me out and I’m partially crazy for being miss independent. I live life like a bachelor and I kind of like it. Over the years, I feel this tremendous tiredness. My time now is spent on grocery shopping, looking for recipes that will give me energy during the day. To cut cooking time, I snack more than I eat actual meals so I can make time for games (it’s not healthy actually). When I am not gaming, I find myself cleaning, organizing, washing dishes, staring into space and not thinking about anything as a way to unwind my mind. It works actually. My stress reduced a lot. Ever since I work from home, you would think I want to play games. Wrong. To curb my gaming “addiction”, I browse games but don’t buy them. There are some games that I kept putting in my shopping cart, but then I removed it, knowing that I probably won’t enjoy it, so why bother? I even found amusement watching games go on sale on Steam and compared it to Playstation store. They really are competing for players time.

There are so many games out there and it’s almost a gamble every time. We don’t have an infinite amount of time to try every game out there and know whether it is good or not. I am the type that likes to play games thoroughly which is why I am probably the slowest gamer on the planet. I feel so overwhelmed with all the choices apart from all the books, T.V shows and films that demand for my time so I turn to reviews on WordPress. Then I realized it’s a matter of the reviewer’s taste and not so much about the game whether it is good or not. For instance, I am not a huge visual novel games fan, so Doki Doki Literature Club! did not impressed me. Undertale is a good game, I heard, but I couldn’t get around to playing it because the game is a bit painful to look at. The House in Fata Morgana is good, but not great. It’s no Shakespeare but it has potential. So after feeling a little let down and learning that everyone has his/her own unique taste in games, I find myself gambling again with game purchases and I’m fine with that. The happy purchases I made this year were:

Spirit Hunter: NG

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t really enjoy visual novel games, but I loved this game. The story was intriguing and it kept me on my toes. Not a single moment did I find it dull. I like the character designs a lot, including the monsters. There were certain parts in the game that actually scared me. It’s a rare thing because I rarely get scared playing horror games.

Code Vein

This game is generically good. When I say generic, I meant it was an enjoyable game to play in terms of gameplay. It felt good shooting and slicing stuff. I like how it feels like Dark Souls but in anime style. I like that I can create my avatar because it makes the experience more personal to the point I started to develop a small crush on Yakumo even though he is a terrible tank and he got me killed a few times! But I still like him because he is a boy!

So don’t make fun of single men with 2d girlfriends because I am on the same boat! The virus makes it even harder to travel or let alone date. That is why I sympathize with the fat pervert in Tokyo Dark to the point it motivated me to write a critical review. Not everyone has luck in finding a compatible partner.

For those who don’t know. I will tell you my gaming style. I am a survival-horror fan, Type-A personality, Dark Souls lover type of gamer. My favorite weapon of choice is the magnum (in real life I don’t like guns). I like feeling on the edge because it helps me stay focused. Typically, I have a hard time concentrating. It’s a disability. It’s my brother fault who introduced me to games. But at the same time, if it weren’t for games, we wouldn’t have such a bond. He is my best friend actually. So when I think about losing interest in games, it makes me feel as if a part of me has died.

Who knows what the future holds. In the past, I have told myself several times I am quitting and I thought I would but I find myself longing for the same excitement I once had playing games with my brother. Recently, my brother texted me about Eiyuden Chronicle. As much as I’m happy to hear, I don’t feel too confident that it would have the same spark as Suikoden Series, which is my favorite JRPG. I guess you will never know until you play and that is probably why buying and collecting games can be so addictive.


Sorry to the guy who deleted his blog because he couldn’t find passion in gaming anymore. I hope my comment wasn’t the reason. Games these days have been blah and it’s even harder to enjoy games when the world is in chaos.

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