Movies Become Games and RPGs become Series

This is more like a ranting postI know I don’t hold popular opinions but I am going to speak my mind anyway.

I wonder if it is just me or I am going crazy. After I finished watching #Alive, a Korean horror zombie movie, I can’t help but feel as if I just watched someone played survival horror game. It’s weird. Then you have all these RPGs shows such as Dragon Dogma and the Witcher turning into series. It made me think, wow they really want to milk people out of their pocket and reach to wider audience. In fact, my co-worker who told me that gaming is a waste of time said he watched a really good series called the Witcher. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of anger–when I replied to him politely that it’s actually based on a video game which was based on a novel. In fact even Stranger’s Thing, a popular show was inspired by Silent Hill and Silent Hill was inspired by a book. Video games and movies are interchangeable; it’s just the way how it is consumed that distinguish the two apart. To be frank though, (don’t throw eggs at me now for being a literature snob) great story comes from great books and then it takes shift and form into other mediums to reach wider audience, hence it’s why movies seem to be the popular route if you want to make big money.

That’s why I am not really a fan of cinematic games. It destroys a lot of creativity in the making of games. These days I find myself playing solitaire! What’s the point of playing if I can watch? When Last of US II came out, I didn’t even bother purchasing it. From my first experience with the first game, (click on the link for my review) it left me a neutral taste. If you want to play a good survival horror game, just stick to Resident Evil series. They are the master at it. In fact I think I just convinced myself to go kill some zombies now. Bye Bye now. Resident Evil 4 - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition: Capcom U S A  Inc: Video Games

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