After the Rain Review: Chase After Your Dream

When I first skimmed over the description for this anime, I giggled to myself– it’s about a 17-year old girl infatuated with a 45-year old man who is a manager at a family restaurant called Garden. What is the likeness of that happening? We know that Japanese men are notorious for enjoying the company of high school girls, but to make a show out of it, it’s kind of comical, but I was wrong. To my surprise, this is a very wholesome anime with a good feel to it. It’s more than just emotions and admiration for one another.

Akira Tachibana quit the track team due to her injury. She starts developing feelings for her manager where she works at a restaurant as a waitress. He’s clumsy, but nice and clearly not the best looking guy. However, there’s something captivating about him which made Tachibana chases after him throughout the show, until it is revealed what sort of person he really is.

This anime has a simple plot, but it’s filled with depth when it comes to dealing with human emotions and self-discovery. Even though I can’t say for myself that I have ever been in Tachibana shoes where I chase after my superior for a date, I have in my college years admired my literature professor for his use of words and his thought process. In fact he is the one who made me fell in love with writing and poetry. Not everyone is a gifted but humble writer, so it’s hard not to be captivated when you get the opportunity to meet one.

For my final thoughts, the proper use of colors does something to the senses so the animation is very soothing and attractive to look at. Overall, it’s an enjoyable anime if you want something light and full of colors with a positive message about not giving up in one’s dream no matter where we are in our lives. Aren’t we all born to do what we love? I think that is what matter most in life is to remain true to one’s essence.

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