The Garden of Words Review: More Green Is Good for You

My attention span is pretty short these days. Whenever I look for something to watch, I scan for something that is short. This one is 45 minutes. Short enough where I don’t become restless. Perhaps this is why I can’t stand watching long films like Lord of the Rings in movie theater.

The visual in this anime is beautiful. Raindrops falling from the grey sky and a lot of green. I love green because I love trees. As for the story it strikes a chord that many people can relate to. Not everyone do what they enjoy for a living and some people have very specific dreams. In this case, the male protagonist wants to make a career making women shoes. I found his passion for shoes to be quite admirable; in fact strangely noble. The female protagonist, on the other hand, who happens to be a school teacher, is not passionate about teaching, and therefore is detached from living a full life. Personally, I can relate to the female teacher. I’ve been in that route where I was once dead for a long time until had to get away from everyone and everything to breathe.

Like After the Rain, it’s about realizing one’s dream. It’s about learning how to breathe, literally. Is it a romance story between a young man and older woman. The age differences might make some western audience feel uncomfortable, but it didn’t bother me because sometimes emotions are just not black and white, and age is just a factor in life.

Now I want to go walk in the garden in the rain. It’s peaceful and quiet. Not many people are out under grey clouds, and in that moment of quietness you might actually hear yourself breathing.

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