Reflecting on my blog and its future

From the outside perspective, publishing 126 posts is not impressive, however, to me it is since I am not the most talkative person you’ll ever meet. Just finding something to write about and articulating it into a post is a huge achievement for me. It is true my blog grew from last year. I noticed it, and my blog posts are being recognized by search engine, which I am really happy. It could grow even more if I were more engaged and publish every day. And yet I purposely stick to my method for many reasons: 1) blogging is not my only hobby. 2) It may not seem like it but I do think before I comment. 3) Routine is really not my cup of tea even though I tried to discipline myself from publishing sporadically. 4) I use this as platform to express my thoughts and opinions even if some people may find offensive. Hence, I tried to be civil as possible in my writing which often even I challenged my own preconceived ideas before I hit the publish button. 5) Lastly, it’s all about critical thinking for me, which is why I don’t expect it to grow or have a decent amount of followers. I’m not providing anything valuable other than my time. Well hopefully, you found something interesting about this ranting blog.

So what to expect in the future? Happy that people take notice and visit my blog, but I think I am going to change schedule a bit where I am not too fixed on publishing weekly. Since I don’t have a defined audience, I think it’s safe to post whenever strike my mood. My most viewed article (post) happens to be on a controversial anime which is cool and all but my main hobby is video game, not anime. People prefer to watch streamers or gaming videos on YouTube over reading critical analyses of game. So, I learned that the success of a personal blog has to do with relatability and less on quality when it comes to attracting readers. So that’s why I made my blog so broad. I just don’t want to cover a specific thing only. I also think it’s the lack of promotion is what kept my blog a bit stagnant in growth. Oh…so much to learn about advertising and marketing.

I got games to play and books to read. If I have something worth sharing I will post it. For now, I am stepping back a bit. Finding like-minded people is harder than I thought despite the fact we may share the same hobbies. It just shows how colorful and vibrant people are in opinions. It’s not a bad thing I suppose but a little alienating at times when you find yourself with a viewpoint different from the norm.

On a positive note, have a nice Christmas and New Year~

4 thoughts on “Reflecting on my blog and its future

  1. 126 posts is super impressive. It takes some bloggers a huge amount of time to put together such an archive. I hope your new schedule allows you to enjoy your other habbies better. Have a great Christmas

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