About Me & Blog


Curious about the writer or curious about the blog? I am assuming you care to know a little bit of both.

You are probably wondering what does my pen name Halsdoll mean? Unfortunately it is a secret, I can tell you though that I love poetry and my pen name came from one of Shakespeare’s plays. However, don’t worry–I won’t bore you with dry textbook content. Believe it or not, I never liked school, but I love to study. This blog is really just my amusement park where I jot down my thoughts, breaking down complex concepts and simplifying it for the average reader.

Still not satisfied with my answer?

Some fun facts about me: I am an avid gamer, film watcher (only recently due to pandemic), reader and music listener. Is there such thing as a music listener? I love music. Lastly, I have been obsessed with cooking so I created my very own diner–Halsdoll’s Diner to motivate myself to become a better cook. In addition, I write songs. Let’s just say I’m a highly creative person who likes to try everything I can, but if I could summarize one thing I specialize in–it’s definitely poetry.

I hope you enjoy your stay and continue to visit my blog.



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