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Western Action Films

An Education (2009): The Hardest Lesson Is Not Always Taught in School

Batman Begins (2005) Review: Conquer your Fears and Fight for Justice

Classic Films

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) Review: The Anti-Material Girl

Reflecting on The Apartment (1960) Film

The Children’s Hour Review: When Lesbian Is Not Sexualized


Netflix Social Dilemma Review


Lying Eyes (1996) Review: It’s Always the Dumb Blonde who Gets Screwed

Savage Streets (1984) Review: The Hunting Bow Heroine

French Films

Mignonnes Review (2020): A Film for Pedophiles?

Hong Kong Films

Magic Blade (1976) Review: Life Is A Game of Chess

Painted Faces (1988) Review: Never Look Down on Yourself Even if People Do

The One-Armed Swordsman (1967): The Servant Leader

The Revenger (1980) Review: I Fight in the Name of the Kung Fu Cop

The Sword of Swords (1968) Review: The Awakening of A Reluctant Hero

Japanese Films

Female Prisoner 701 Scorpion (1972) Review: The Obedient Citizen and Her Government

Female Prisoner Scorpion 701’s Grudge Song (1972) Review: Your “Thingy” Will Get Sting

Female Prisoner Scorpion Beast Stable (1973) Review: Strike A Pose in Red District

Female Prisoner Jailhouse 41 Review: Bad Boys Are Dogs!

Ghost In the Shell (1995)Review: The Future of Humanity Is A Stream of Conscience

Kwaidan: A Different Type of Horror (Part I)

Kwaidan: A Different Type of Horror (Part II)

Kwaidan: A Different Type of Horror (Part III)

My Husband Won’t Fit Review (2019): Let’s Talk about Sex

Ninja Scroll(1993)Review: A Love Story for Humanity

Pulse (回路,Kairo) Review: Help Me Escape Loneliness

Ran Review: Pray That You Do Not Become An Old Fool One Day

Romance Doll: Love is Remembrance

Street Fighter II The Animated Movie (1994) Review: A Great Work Out for the Eyes

The Garden of Words: More Green Is Good for You

Korean Films

Parasite (2019) Review: The Insects of the Society


What I Learned about the NeverEnding Story (1984)


Call Me (1988) Review: “I like your flaw”

Recommendation List

3 Poetic Movies I Watched

Fun East Asian Horror Films for Halloween

Pretty Girls Are Scary: Three Psychotics Films I Watched

Misc. Writing

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