The Argument Against Books as a Form of Superior Medium to Video Games

I have been meaning to make more time to read, but sometimes I get discouraged from reading one bad book after the next which are supposedly bestsellers (keep in mind, it’s a matter of taste). Hence it’s why the book department in my blog is rather bleak and lonely. I have only reviewed one book so far: Handmaid’s Tale and quite frankly, I didn’t enjoy it all that much. I am not completely ruling out books for this blog because I am the poetry huntress. My passion is very particular in that essence. But I struggle to find a good book to read or maybe it’s just that I struggle to find a genuine book to read. So I’m in a bit of a dilemma.

I used to read a lot as a kid. In fact, I fell in love with books before I even started playing games. There’s something about the written word that makes it an intimate experience between the author and the reader. So it’s hard not to fall in love with books. But games consume most of my time nowadays so I started wondering why I play more than I read, knowing that books are great ways to formulate new ideas and open more dialogues.

And so I begin to ponder…

There are several films adaptation inspired by books. So it’s not hard to pay tribute to books as the superior medium. And many video games are inspired by films. You noticed a pattern here? Video game is a baby learning to walk on its legs, wanting to be recognized by its older siblings. Part of my maternal instinct is I want to see the baby grow. This brings me to conclude why I don’t read as much as I should nowadays: If people read purely for entertainment and for the artistic aesthetic, then I want to argue that video games are just as good as books. And perhaps even better than some books in terms of delivering meaningful content that adds value to our lives. Partially this is why I still hunt down to play a good game and why I rather invest playing games than reading. Out of love for the medium, I want to see it grow into something that’s respectable in the creative community.

Every time, I think about why I created my original blog back in 2016, I kept circling to the same idea: I’m writing to advocate and educate to the creative community. I write as a creative outlet because my soul depends on it and I want to share it with the rest of the world on what I enjoy. Video games can be great companions for those of us who are on the shy side. And on a personal level, video games gave me the inspiration to write most of my songs as mentioned in one of my posts. It’s like we are all connected. Books inspired films. Films inspired video games, and video games inspired me to write songs.

With this whole pandemic thing–isolation is not normal behavior even for an introvert myself. Some alone time is good, but too much is detrimental. I think video games have comforted some of us in some ways to help cope with mental stress. So let’s give some respect to video games because self-help books aren’t for everyone. Sometimes the bottled up emotions just have to go somewhere and for me it’s shooting virtual scary dogs. Well I guess it’s time to go shoot some skags in Borderlands 3 now!


If you are just stopping by this blog and if haven’t already, please check out some of my blog posts on games that I think are better than books in some ways. Until next time, see you later!

Tips on How I Deal With Social Distancing (for Introverts)

I’m back with my three list of recommendations, but I’ll be honest, I haven’t sat down and watch anything worthwhile for me to share. So instead of giving you a list of films I watched, I provide three list of things I do to cope with social distancing. Like the guy from Cast Away, instead of being stranded on an island with Wilson (the volleyball), I’ve been stranded in the city for years with my teddy bear. Talking to oneself is a very handy survival skill during this period of social isolation. The longer you spend time by yourself, the more you become your own best friend. After all, as Petrarch, the father of Renaissance said, life is about discovering oneself. So take this opportunity to get to know yourself during this pandemic.

So here are 3 things that have helped me cope with isolation:

1. Travel Alone

I remember in my teen years, I suffer from traveling anxiety. I have to plan my destination from point A to point B because I fear I would get lost, especially traveling to unfamiliar places alone. Let’s just say I am not the greatest with direction. But thank goodness for Google Map, I don’t fear traveling alone anymore. Whether it is commuting in a train, car, plane, or bus I have came to enjoy spending time alone, reflecting on things surrounding me. The world is bigger than what is inside of me surely. When you spend enough time alone, you learn to appreciate others ironically. You would realize how interdependent we are not only for human connection but for our overall survival. As they say no man is an island to himself. So learn how to be thankful. Too often, many of us are too occupied with what we don’t have that we forget to appreciate what is right in front of our eyes.

2. Play Horror Games

As crazy as it sounds, playing horror games triggered great laughter within me. It might be the fact I’m so scared that I laugh. Those games always make me stay alert. For awhile I was addicted to horror games for that reason. Try it, you might find yourself laughing as well. Laugh at Death is the only way to conquer it. That is what I’ve learned. Life can be like a rollercoaster, so enjoy the ride and laugh. The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you will begin to enjoy life.

3. Do Something Creative

I begin writing a lot of songs in the past few years as a way to release stress. It helps a lot. Going out for a walk helps with mental health and creativity. When you use all of your senses, you become alive and that is when creativity starts flowing from your veins! No kidding, I am not being dramatic. Most of my songs are inspired by my environment and the media I consume. When I sing, I release all of the emotional tension built up inside me. Humans are meant to create. Creativity is part of human survival.

Well I hope you enjoy my list. I am pretty sure you have your own unique ways of dealing with this pandemic stress. Be safe and be strong. Most importantly, be your own best friend and take care of yourself so you can take care of others. Until next time, bye bye.